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Barbie: To Watch or Not to Watch?

In this article I discuss whether you should watch the new Barbie movie or not.


Dihaan in Pink!

8/2/20232 min read

The internet has been buzzing with exhilaration as soon as the release of Barbie and Oppenheimer was announced on the same date. Wildly contrasting in terms of plotline, ethos, and aesthetics, all I have seen on my Instagram feed lately is people’s ruminations about the movies, and corybantic routines including watching Barbie in the morning and Oppenheimer in the evening, disregarding work, food, or anything in between.

Pink if you’re going to watch Barbie, black for Oppenheimer. America’s, as well as other countries’ streets are flooded with people donning pink dresses, shirts, shoes, accessories, all consumed with the Barbie fever. Barbiecore is the new IT! People of all genders are booking tickets to the movie feverishly, all intent on watching the new popular movie. Everyone is talking about it. The most frequent word used to describe the Barbie movie is woke.

That indeed it is. It addresses issues of feminism, misogynistic behavior, and chauvinism, as well as women empowerment. I went to see it just last week, and guess what? I loved it.

For a movie spanning for just 1 hour 54 minutes, it tackles controversial issues in simple ways that don’t make your head spin. It’s fun, it’s simple, and it’s a breeze to sit through. Although it’s rated PG-13, it doesn’t have actual inappropriate scenes, only some fleeting references spanning for 1 or 2 minutes, meaning you can definitely take your children or siblings along. Barbie struggles with finding who herself is, misogyny, and fixing the mindsets of women all over the world.

Since Barbie came out 64 years old, it’s been met with disbelief, controversy, and has been linked with fascism and body-shaming. It apparently makes young girls feel bad about themselves, makes men feel overpowered with feminism, creates disruptions in self worth, when Barbie was created to battle exactly that. While mostly everyone loved the movie, insecure, misogynistic men whose fragile layers of toxic masculinity have been threatened by the movie have left reviews which they think will threaten people from watching Barbie; quite the contrary! People are flocking towards the theaters, despite those reviews, the movie has already made over 800 million dollars in tickets sales.

And thus my opinion is: watch the movie. Trust me, you’ll definitely enjoy it. Take your friends, your family and your partners, it’ll be the most fun you’ve had in a while. For Barbie lovers, this is for you. And for Barbie haters, this might just change your perspective on that blonde, pink-donned doll.