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Of all day outings, this one took the spotlight. I totally carpe'd the diem, as the saying goes, and took a lot of W's along the way. Was it fun? Yes. Did I meet a lot of Uh-mericans (as it should be pronounced)? Yes. Would I do it again? YES, TAKE IT TO THE BANK.

Dihaan Khan

10/13/20231 min read

For the first time in ages, I experienced a day outing.

That doesn’t mean I’ve been deprived of daylight, I’m simply a late sleeper who can’t be bothered to wake up earlier than 12 pm on weekends, least of all Friday, which is the only day my family sleep in as well.

So when I was abruptly jolted from my oblivious sleep this morning at 8 o’clock, it’s somewhat of an understatement to say I was bewildered.

“Why’re we all up so early?” I piped up, curious as to where this was heading, disgruntled from my lack of sleep (I had fallen asleep at 2 last night due to my brain that wouldn’t shut down), and simply shocked at the fact that my younger brother was already up and running before me.

“Breakfast out, then an outing today,” was the answer I got as everybody threw themselves into ironing, picking out clothes and makeup. I dressed myself and pushed a brush through my now shoulder-length, unruly hair.

“We’re leaving, last one out turns all the lights off!”

And so began our chronicle.

Breakfast at Panshee (Damn, the tea is to die for), then we took a short, scorching walk around the park during one point in which I was rapping so fast a random person saluted me and my brother (probably not my rapping, but he did salute us either way), then we hailed a cab and drove to Gulshan, to the Doreen, where we endured another hour at a stiflingly painful fair where my mother ran her eyes over one dress after another, and finally brought a few bags of clothes (yes, Asian mothers obviously like to self-indulge), after which we walked around, coddled a few disinterested cats, climbed five storeys to a non-air conditioned restaurant and eventually climbed down because there were so many cats. After that, a few more dress stores, a few more bags of clothes, then we bought ourselves litchi flavored drinks (those are heavenly) and hopped on another cab back to Dhanmondi.

It was fun, I won’t lie. And even though the fair was deadly, and it was scorching out, I loved every bit of it.

Always appreciate your family before it’s too late.