How I First Started Writing

This blog post describes my writing journey, from 10 to 14, and how it affected my personal life in beautiful ways.

Dihaan Khan

6/4/20232 min read

fountain pen on black lined paper
fountain pen on black lined paper

How I first started writing

I first started writing stories at the age of 10.

Even before that, I had always been a curious tweenager; rather quiet, and an avid reader. In my childhood, I was attached to my parents; after my brother was born, I became slightly less dependent and attached myself to the vast, fascinating world of books. I read the first Harry Potter book at 6, and have been a Potterhead ever since. I read a vast variety of books, got books for presents and demanded the newest installments of my favourite series instead of frilly pink Eid dresses. An introvert was I even then, the arrival of my brother had taught me that I was not the sole core of my parents’ world, and with my kiddie best friend leaving for America, I had to adapt quickly so as to not lose myself.

So I grew up a bookaholic, my house swiftly coming to resemble a library, there were countless bookshelves filled with books, books and more books, and yet more paperbacks scrambled in the storerooms. And then, when my mother bought a new laptop, my writing endeavour first began.

I remember being an Alan Walker fan then, a fact I am not proud of now, having moved on to bigger, better songs, and thus my first story was based off of his song ‘Lily.’ It was my first huge story, and the first huge story I ever finished. It was approximately 5732 words, and 27 pages in Microsoft Word, a record I believe is not too bad for a 10 year old, and it makes me cringe when I read it now, but it was something. In fact, the theme is the slightest bit similar to the book I’m writing now. Anyway, ‘Lily’ even has a second part, but that is unfinished.

I started thinking that I had writing talent, supplemented by my parents’ encouragements, and I started writing more stories, mostly short. All through the lockdown, I wrote numerous short stories. When the lockdown started, I was 11, and when it ended I was 13. My current age is 14. Anyway, at 12, I bought my first ‘Fictitious’. ‘Fictitious’ was a notebook I bought randomly. I wrote short stories in it, when I couldn’t get on the laptop, rarely, poems, and I had no idea this would be the curve I would glide up on my writing journey. When that ‘Fictitious’ ended, I bought more. I think I might be on my fifth ‘Fictitious’ right now, yes. I wrote short stories, poetry and sometimes, fictions regarding my custom character in a book or movie, making her the shero.

This eventually led to 13 year old me writing yet another book with this thought in mind: Is my writing better than before? Can I publish this? Would anyone buy this? Let’s get on.

As of now, I am currently copy-typing the whole novel onto my laptop, but as soon as it is ready, I guarantee that my audience will be the first to know.

Writing is an art, a hobby, and a passion, it might just not be for some people, but for others, fellow writers, they know how paramount it is to cope with reality. That is why I would like to suggest the future generation to take it up, perhaps at first as a hobby, but you never know, it might just transform into a full-fledged passion too.

Dihaan Khan, signing out.