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How to Get Off Your Device and be Productive!

This is an article where I discuss how we can get off our device and learn how to be productive.

Dihaan K~

6/22/20232 min read

white smartphone near laptop
white smartphone near laptop

With the introduction of electronic devices in every household in the country, productiveness has experienced a sharp decline. Every time we pick up a book or a study note, we find our fingers itching to grab that phone lying beside the book and just check out the numerous notifications we have on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter. As a victim of this very syndrome, I feel myself gravitating towards my iPad to see if my best friends have replied to my latest message, even now. But in this article, I’m going to help you grow out of this addiction, and I’ll be surfing the wave with you.

1. Don’t charge your device if it turns off. Disclaimer: This trick does not have to apply to everyone, however. For people who have jobs which require their phones, or people who have important notifications, please look away. But for teens who don’t have important engagements on their devices, this might be perfect. It saves electricity and your brain.

2. Schedule reminders on your social media apps. This is another great hack I use. If you’re particularly arrogant, it’s best to schedule multiple reminders, ranging from 15- 30 minutes. This helps us realize how much time we spend on social media a day.

3. Check out your daily time spent on an app. We can do this in our phone settings or on the app itself. Yours truly spends approximately 2 hours 51 minutes on Instagram. That is truly horrible, but I’m working on it. This is yet another way to make ourselves ashamed of how much time we spend on scrolling through useless reels and send GIFS to our friends which makes no sense. We could be doing so much more!

4. Make new hobbies. If we stick to something, we won’t be feeling that empty void in our brain which 2019-2021 put in. Scrapbooking, writing, art, anything that honestly calms us and is also absorbing will distract us from the constant pinging of notifications…

5. …Which brings us to our fifth point. Mute all notifications. The pinging on our phone will constantly tempt us to check out whatever we have on the app, and that sucks us into a never-ending blackhole of media. No notifications, no temptation, no regret.

6. Turn on bedtime mood. This is a feature you can find on most phones. It has the option to mute all app notifications from a selected hour and turn the screen grayscale. This lets us know it is time to slack off from the device and go do other things than doomscrolling. It also tells us it’s bedtime!

7. Have family members remind you to stop. My mother doesn’t encourage screen time, and if she does let me on my device, it’s only for 30 minutes a day. Just tell your parents, siblings or anyone who lives with you to remind you sometimes to get off your phone and be productive.

8. Have notices around the house. You can hang up posters reminding you to be productive and slack off on devices. These will be a source of encouragement as well as free reminders, rendering you wise.

These tricks are just beginners to learn to be productive. There are so many more tips to explore, and help you on your journey to learn to be productive.

I hope this article helped you!

Dihaan Khan, signing out.