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11/26/20232 min read

Writing a book is something all of us writers have dreamed of at some point. Publishing the book, designing the book cover, being on interviews, talking about your thought processes, thinking of edits about your characters, fan-arts, reading people’s stories about your OC’s, having your book being adapted to a movie, the works. The main hobby of writers is to daydream about everything and anything. But when it actually comes to WRITING a book, we bail out.

It’s too tedious.

Too experimental.

Too time-consuming, too difficult, too unknown.

But is it?

Writing a book, like everything else on earth, is hard but not impossible. Pardon my brief optimist attitude, but everything is possible only if you put your mind to it.

Look at me. I’m just a kid writing what will undeniably be a cringe book I thought up at the age of 13, but it’s a book nevertheless. If I can do it, why can’t you?

And that is why I decided to drop some of the tips and tricks I use to ground myself and not ditch my book completely.

1. Think the plot through.

How do you want it to end? Do you feel like you know the lore and how the storyline will go? Starting a book with absolutely no idea about how you want it to go might seem thrilling, but it ain’t all that. Maybe sketch out a brief plotline, some of the character’s backstories, keep yourself scribbling bits of scenes in notebooks.

2. Keep yourself invested.

While you don’t want to be glued to your chair writing chapter after chapter, keep yourself invested and into the book and its plot. Think up edits of your characters and maybe draw them, make little playlists for them, mood boards, inspiration pictures, faceclaims, voiceclaims. As long as you’re cruising the wave, it’s great. Once you drop off onto the sand, you might never find your way back to the sea again.

3. Don’t push your limits.

Yes, you should be invested, but you don’t need to eat, sleep and breathe your book. Remember to pace yourself and do other things as well instead of spending your whole day on your book. As long as you’re happy and alive.

4. Don’t procrastinate.

Sigh. Yes, this is impossible to ask of you, dear person of today. So it is. But if you constantly reread the same sentences over and over again, cringing over them and trying to figure out what you did wrong… you have to be easier on yourself. Everything always looks worse in hindsight, but it doesn’t actually mean it is. So allow yourself to take a deep breath and read it through one last time-kindly.

I hope you liked my tips. Everybody has their different opinions, and it’s alright even if you don’t agree with mine.

Have a great day and hydrate yourself :3