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dihaan khan

10/8/20231 min read

These are a few movies of my liking that are halloween based and you might like watching them!

1. Coraline: A classical horror animated movie released in 2009, it is indisputably one of the best animated, child-friendly horror films made so far. Loved by adults, teens and children alike, the movie’s plot is simple but intricately crafted, the animation soothingly gothic. Following the protagonist, an eleven year old blue haired girl named Coraline, it shows us that instincts must always be trusted, no matter what is on the line.

2. Corpse Bride: Directed by Tim Burton (the most Gothic of all directors), Corpse Bride is another animated, gothic film which spins the tale of a man unintentionally wedding himself to a corpse bride, as the title goes. Another one of those magnetic vortexes, the movie starts off slow but will draw you in until it ends. The moral of this one is that the dead never have any claim upon the living, and the living must choose their own paths in life.

3. Cobweb: Released this very year, the movie is one of the NON-ANIMATED movies in my list. I watched it just a few days ago, and it’s not bad. My family seemed to enjoy it, but to hardened horror fans like I, it might seem like a bit of a bore. The climax wasn’t very interesting, and the ending seemed rather incomplete, but to people who want a straight ride through mild horror town, they might watch this. The protagonist, an eight year old kid with oppressive parents, discover that his seemingly innocent sister imprisoned in the walls isn’t really who he thought she was.

4. Spiderman: Across the Spider-Verse: Although this movie is not horror or gothic, it is still hands-down one of the best movies I have ever seen in my meager lifetime. The second movie in the Spider-verse series, it follows the life of Miles Morales as he’s drawn deeper into the Spider-Society headed by Miguel O’Hara and battles between canon events and losing loved ones. Guaranteed must watch, but you should watch Into the Spider-Verse first to catch the link up of events.

These are the first four I decided to add, I will add more (probably) as October rolls on, but I hope you enjoy watching these.