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These are popular tourist destinations in Bangkok Thailand.


7/4/20232 min read

aerial photography of cityscape during night time
aerial photography of cityscape during night time

Bangkok, the capital of an unique Asian country. An ideal vacation spot for multi-cultural individuals, there are millions of different tourist spots to bask in its distinctiveness, and as someone who just returned from Bangkok, I wish to share some popular tourist destinations and malls you can freely cruise.

1. Sukhumvit. Sukhumvit is one of the most popular areas in Thailand- it is bustling with tourists and houses some of the biggest malls and restaurants in Bangkok. It also includes many sprawling luxury hotels and Air BnBs for the guests’ utmost comfort. Some of the malls there are Nana Plaza and Terminal 21, both of which include international brands.

1. Pratunam Market. This is one of the biggest street markets in Bangkok and houses 2000 shops selling everything from clothes to electronics to souvenirs. You can buy well-crafted copies of branded items at reasonable prices. In the morning it is buzzing over with tourists seeking goods, but at night it is equitably populated and is a great place to buy souvenirs to take home. It is located on Ratchaprarop Road, where you can arrive by calling a Taxi, Tuktuk, or Bolt Car.

3. Chatuchak Weekend Market. One thing that separates this market from others is the fact that it is open only on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, hence the name. There is both a street market and an indoor market, whichever you prefer. It sells a wide variety of goods, from shoes to shirts, and has restaurants and juice bars out in the open. If you walk far in, you might even find a fat Italian man yelling “I love you, man!” at complete strangers. Not a joke, just what I found.

4. BTS Sky Train. Another one of the things I found vastly interesting, this is a train that speeds through the sky on rails at the speed of light. You purchase a ticket to wherever you want to go, and ride the train there. While it may not seem very entertaining, it is certainly a memorable experience.

5. MBK Shopping Center. This is a center with giant cat statues outside and a quaint little street market. It has a bunch of restaurants on the ground floor, and many jewellery and shoe shops up. It’s a great place to roam when you have a flexible budget and time on your hands.

These are the places I have personally experienced in my time in Bangkok, and if you wish to know more, please let me know!

My hotel in Bangkok was : Royal Benja Hotel (I’d give it 4 stars- one is docked off for the inward location).

Dihaan Khan, signing out!