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Summertime Blues

a short blog

dihaan khan

5/1/20241 min read

As the world advances in technological and scientific matters, the temperatures skyrocket, plunging countries near the equator into infernal heat or plummeting chills. On the side of the earth where I reside, the sun burns with a rage nobody can withstand for long without cold showers or air conditioning. I hear the people of the North are more (or less, depends how you look at it) lucky, they live in perpetual cold, which has been increasing nowadays. They bundle themselves up in more and more layers, whereas we strip off more and more, desperate for the very curse that plagues the Europeans.

Sunlight prickles at the skin whenever you step out for a breath of fresh air, setting your skin on fire, urging you to turn around and march into the cooler confines of your home.

Global warming is the cause behind all this. The increase in cars and vehicles lead to an increase in smoke and carbon dioxide, which leads to bigger tears in the ozone layer, which leads to less UV rays being filtered out.

It’s a never ending circle.

We survive on cold beverages and juices as if it’s salvation (it is), we wear the most summery dresses we can find, we try to find a way to deflect the heat that plagues us wherever we go, whenever we go.

We find ways to make the most of it, we indulge ourselves in icecreams of all flavours, trying out new recipes, lazing on the rooftop for our vitamin D.

But most of all, we try to pull ourselves together and thrive. Because summer is the time for new beginnings and unfulfilled wishes to come true.