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4/3/20241 min read

Poetry isn’t something that just comes naturally- it’s a talent, yes, but one that must be honed and polished every once in a while, much like a weapon. We’ve heard countless tales about poetry flowing out like a river, about it revolving solely about feelings, but is it completely true? Poetry is something that is multifaceted, the very definition of a metaphor. Every word in a poem might signify something else; every sentence might bring a glimpse into another world.

So what is the magic formula poets use to make their poems so heart-wrenching? How do they pour their feelings at that exact angle which seems to make the words sparkle? How exactly does it all work, my dear?

Here’s a few tips to writing poetry and/ or improving it~

1. Make sure you keep your rhyming scheme in mind. Oftentimes, we forget our rhyme scheme and thus muddle the rhyming up, which results in a scattered and unpleasant sounding poem.

2. Don’t use nonsensical words. If you use too many difficult or googled words in your poem, it will be hard to read and thus chase away readers from your poem. Instead, you can use words that are easy to understand and/or words which most people know.

3. Keep the poem moderately long. Gone are the ages when people would patiently pore over volumes and volumes of one poem. Social media has wrecked our attention spans and our eyes, and keeping your poem short is the best way to attract readers while ensuring a success.

4. Make sure your poem has a purpose/story it is telling. Nobody really wants to read a poem that blabbers on without a meaning or moral. Readers want to know just what they are reading about, and if the meaning is buried deep under millions of words, it just might be the biggest ick readers could get.

5. Put your poem through double reads and/or get a friend to read it through. Opinions, as long as they are relevant, and constructive criticism is always welcome, and they oftentimes help you improve and strive.

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