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dihaan k!

11/15/20232 min read

Writing- an austere word which contains worlds of elucidations, each varying from the last, as diverse as the ecosystem in the vast expanse of water we know as oceans. Poems, letters, stories, all penned down and summarized in one word-writing. The T- it clicks harsh, bringing us back to reality from the dimension of daydreams we wander into for our inspiration.

As always, there’s a balance between it all- good and bad. Black and white, sunshine and morally grey, everything opposite attracts, but is it the same for bad writers and good writers?

Now, now- pause. What’s a good writer?

More specifically, what’s a writer do to ensure that they fall in the good writer category? What specifications and rules do they meet to be deemed good?

Let’s dive into that.

A good writer is one who- firstly and most importantly- keeps the reader interested and immersed in the actual writing. The very first page leaves you hypnotized, makes you want to keep reading, engulfs you in interest. The plot doesn’t drown you or underwhelm you; it has the correct mixture of vocabulary and plot to keep you interested and aware.

Another characteristic of a good writer is employing meaningful plotlines. A plot about a talking rabbit building a castle hardly cuts it- rather; keep it short, if you want, but understandable, and relatable. It should be well-balanced, just shy of perfect. Imperfectly perfect is the trail to graze.

Vocabulary should be enhanced, but not impossibly snobbish. It’s immature to search up all your synonyms from Google and paste them into a story- it only frustrates the reader and presses them to put down the book for a breath of air.

Characters should be well thought out, too. Their appearance, aspirations and backstories should be put together so that they’re easy to understand and comprehend. Many a book has flopped due to incomplete characters who commit evil just for the sake of it.

A good writer, overall, is one who inspires and is inspired, aspires and is aspired, writes stories which whelm you just the correct amount, and always persevere. Maybe many of us aren’t up to that yet. But as always, we will continue to strive and improve ourselves through the ages.